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How to buy Bitcoin on the Barstool Sports app

Crypto-currency exchange Coinbase is launching a Bitcoin trading app in the US on Monday.

The company is adding a new feature to the app called Barstoolsports, which is the company’s take on the popular sports barstools game.

Users can now buy and sell Bitcoin directly from the app.

Barstoolsport’s official description states the app is designed to be “the first-ever cryptocurrency trading platform in the U.S.”

In addition to the new Bitcoin trading feature, Barstolesports also allows users to buy and send in bitcoin using Coinbase.

The launch comes a few weeks after the company launched the Bitcoin futures trading platform, which allows users buy and Sell bitcoin on the platform.

BarsteStoolsports also includes a variety of other features for traders, including the ability to add other cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum, to the platform’s Bitcoin portfolio.

The barstOOLsports app features a live video feed, a QR code scanner, a bitcoin exchange and other features, according to the description.

BarStoolsport launched the BarStoolsSports app earlier this month, just days after Coinbase announced it was acquiring the company.

Coinbase said in October it had acquired Barstolsports.