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‘I feel like the president of the United States’: President Obama’s tweet storm about Fox News

The president of Fox News, Megyn Kelly, has weighed in on President Donald Trump’s latest tweetstorm over the network’s coverage of the NFL.

Fox News anchor Megyn and her co-hosts, Bret Baier and Shepard Smith, took aim at the network on Friday for what they said was its handling of the protests against the president.

Fox was initially silent on the protests, but it quickly responded with a series of tweets on Friday morning, including a tweet from White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, in which she said that she thought Fox had a right to report on the issue.

“Fox News has a constitutional right to cover this issue and I think there’s a very good reason for that,” Sanders said, noting that the president’s comments about the protests were not “appropriate.”

She said that it was a “very clear” distinction, but that she was “not sure what he meant by that” because it was not a direct quote.

But she added that it’s “not clear” that the White House did not object to the Fox coverage.

Sanders also noted that the Fox hosts are all white males, adding, “there are a lot of stories that you can’t make about all of us.”

She also argued that it is important to note that the President is a man of his word, adding that Fox’s handling of this issue is an example of the “bullying” and “racism” the network is “using to justify itself” and the “disrespect” it has shown him.

“We’ve seen a lot over the past couple of days,” Sanders added.

“I think that there’s an important lesson here that we need to remember that when President Trump says something, he’s not just talking about his feelings.

He’s also talking about a very serious, serious issue, which is that the First Amendment protects free speech, and Fox News has the right to do their job.”

Fox News host Shepard Smith was one of the first hosts to criticize the President’s remarks, tweeting, “So what the heck, Trump?

This is just one of those things that the mainstream media can’t seem to keep up with.”

Trump’s recent tweetstorm on the NFL protests was prompted by an interview Fox News host Chris Wallace did with Fox News’ Chris Wallace in which he criticized the network for “not giving him the coverage he deserves.”

Wallace said that the NFL had “put out the most negative report on me in many years,” and he said that he had “been very disappointed” by the network and Fox.

Fox hosts Megyn, Bret and Shepard went on to discuss the network in a segment on Friday evening, in a portion of which they pointed to the NFL’s handling as an example.

“You know, it is pretty clear that the reason why the president didn’t want to be on Fox is because he doesn’t want the coverage to be fair and balanced,” Megyn said, before continuing, “It’s just one thing that I think the president has been trying to do all his career, and this is just the latest example.”

Shepard also pointed to Fox’s treatment of the Baltimore riots as an opportunity to highlight the network, and said, “This is why he’s trying to be so outspoken.

You know, if you’re going to talk about it, you’ve got to get it right.””

So what we want to know is: Do you think you’re being fair to the president?

Do you want the president to get the coverage that he deserves?

Are you being fair?”

Shepard asked.

The segment ended with Shepard asking Megyn to share her thoughts on the President.

“So this is what I’ve been doing for years,” Megan said.

“This has been a job of love, of love of people.

And I have to tell you, Meghan, I think that what you did was absolutely right.”

In response, Shepard responded, “Yes, I do, Megan.

I do.”

The hosts also took aim Friday at the Fox News anchors on Twitter, including Megyn.

“This is the greatest network in America,” Shepard tweeted.

“You and Fox, both of you, are the greatest in the world.

The President needs you.”

Fox has responded to the criticism on social media, with Megyn calling Shepard a “sick” woman.

“I think we should all be proud of Fox for having the courage to come out and defend itself,” Meghan added.

The hosts’ comments came just days after Megyn posted a tweet on Twitter criticizing Trump’s criticism of her as “ridiculous.”

The President tweeted, “Fox News did not give me a fair and impartial account of the rioting in Baltimore.

Their reporting was pathetic.”

Fox later apologized for the tweet.

Fox and other networks have faced intense scrutiny for their coverage of protests against President Trump over the last few days.