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When you don’t need to pay a license fee to watch sports, you can now stream sports directly from the cloud

Hacker News user Rohan Prakash said he was able to watch the Super Bowl in real time from his laptop and watch other sporting events via Twitch.

Prakish, who was using the software to stream the World Cup, was not allowed to access the stream from his home.

The company’s CEO, Justin Doyon, said the company was reviewing the issue.

“We are looking into the issue and will take appropriate action as soon as we know more,” he said.

In January, the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) voted to allow for open source WebRTC.

In April, W3C added the ability to share video and audio streams.

The technology is widely used for video and voice conferencing on Android phones and computers.

Twitch said the decision to allow open source video streams was made at the end of March.

The BBC was the first major broadcaster to allow such streaming.