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Conservative blogger slams Trump’s new media policies

Former radio host Rush Limbaugh is slamming President Donald Trump for a new media policy that he says makes it easier for advertisers to “stifle” conservative talk radio and cable news outlets.

“I’m not going to defend this policy.

It’s not what I would do,” Limbaugh said Monday on his radio show.

“But I’m not saying it is a bad thing.

I’m just saying it’s a very bad thing.”

Limbaugh also slammed Trump for trying to restrict the right of advertisers to run conservative-leaning news stories.

“When he tries to ban the right to talk about political views, he’s making it easier and more profitable for the likes of Fox News to sell ads to advertisers,” he said.

“They’ve got their ad revenues tied up in that right.”

In a statement, a spokeswoman for Trump said Limbaugh was wrong to say the new policies would “make it easier to silence conservative talk-radio stations.”

The administration of President Donald J. Trump has issued new rules that prohibit certain media outlets from running stories that disparage the president or his family.

The rules, which were announced last week, require outlets to seek approval from the White House before airing such stories, but they do not prohibit advertisers from airing them.

In a speech in April, Trump said he wanted to give advertisers the right not only to run stories that attack his family, but also his political rivals.

“Now, if you want to put that ad on, and you don’t want to have it run, well, we have a way of getting rid of it,” Trump said.

Trump also wants to make it easier, in an effort to limit the reach of conservative talk shows, to sell items on merchandise.

The Trump administration also announced a crackdown on conservative radio hosts that were found to be promoting hate speech.

Trump signed a law in May that makes it a felony for individuals or entities that provide “material support” to a hate group to have their license to sell guns or ammunition revoked.

The administration has also moved to prevent conservative news sites from running partisan commentary on their sites.

It says that in order to comply with the new policy, the websites must seek approval of the White, House Office of Government Ethics, which is based in Washington.

In his speech, Limbaugh also said the new administration has been “a total failure” on issues of freedom of speech, and has been a “total disaster for American freedom of expression.”

Lemonsthe American Conservative was a conservative talk show host for nearly a decade before it abruptly ended in 2014 after nearly a yearlong hiatus.