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How to stop being the ‘loser’ in a new book

If you’re like many people reading this, you’re now on a road trip and you’re tired of being the loser.

In The Lost World: The Autobiography of a Moped Racer, author and author Michael DeAngelis chronicles his life from his early days of starting his own bicycle shop to his most recent journey to the top of the sport.

“I’m on the road to becoming the champion,” DeAngelises tells ABC News.

And the story of his journey, as told in his new book, is one of redemption.

DeAngelis is now a champion for the first time in the endurance world, having broken the 100km (62.4 mile) record.

But while he’s been on the winning track, his road to redemption has been rocky.

He says his road back to winning is riddled with setbacks.

We were so focused on our own goals, I started to question whether we could get to the other side.

DeAngelides said.

“I realized I was living my own story and the people I cared about didn’t get a chance to hear it.”

DeAngelises struggles with his own self-doubt.

For the past eight years, he’s battled a number of setbacks, including losing his job, and having his bike stolen from his garage in the United States.

When he finally got his bike back, he was able to start a new business called Bike Racing.

I’m a very ambitious man,” DeAngolis said.

That business is now the biggest motorcycle racing franchise in the world.

Since 2009, DeAngelias has taken to the streets of Austin, Texas, racing his bikes on the dirt tracks of the Texas Hill Country.

It’s a passion DeAngelies has been trying to recapture ever since.

The road to a new, professional career in motorcycle racing is one he has been working on for more than a decade, but the road is always getting tougher.

Last year, DeAngoli lost his job as an independent contractor, after the motorcycle industry took a massive hit from the recession.

Even though DeAngelisms work as an editor at Motor Trend magazine, he still can’t find the time to spend with his family.

What he needs to do is find new inspiration.

DeAngoles son, Ryan, has been writing songs about bikes, cars and motorcycles that are inspired by his father’s life.

Ryan, who has written for The Motorcycle Club of America, has also started a motorcycle club called the Bicycling Alliance of Austin.

While the BAA has chapters in Austin, Deangelises dream is to be in the Austin Motorcycle Hall of Fame someday.

I’m happy I’m a champion,” he said.”

It feels so good to win.

I’m happy I’m a champion,” he said.

DeAngelias is hoping that winning the Indy 500 would help his career in the motorcycle world.

But he’s not satisfied.

If he wins another Indy 500, De Angelis said, he would like to take his story back to the U.S. and win the first Indy 500.

“We all want to be a champion, but we all have to be better than the next person,” he told ABC News of the challenge.

“You have to work hard to be the champion.

It’s not about being the fastest or having the best bike.

It has to be about your ability to win, to have the best passion and your desire to win.”