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Mercedes sports car sales climb 10% to 631,000 in Q4 2018

MERCEDES SPORTS CARS SALE OF 631K IN Q4 2017 READ MORE MERCENARY SUVs, SUVs SUVs and SUVs continue to sell well in the U.S. at the end of the first quarter.

Mercedes sold 631k SUVs in the first three months of 2017, the first time ever that the company sold a quarter million vehicles.

Sales of the sporty SUVs have been steadily rising for some time, but they’ve been on a steady upward trajectory for some period of time.

The company’s total sales for the quarter were up 6% year-over-year to 1,639,000 vehicles.

The SUVs category has also experienced its best quarter in nearly a decade, with sales rising 7% to 733,000.

The SUV segment is expected to expand this year by 15% and is expected by some analysts to surpass the 100,000-vehicle threshold for the first, if not the first half of 2020.

The growth in sales for SUVs is particularly impressive given the company’s long-term focus on bringing the brand into the 21st century.

The sales of SUVs are largely driven by younger drivers who have become accustomed to the sportier look and feel of SUVS, and are willing to spend more on premium features.

“We have a lot of young people who have been driving SUVs for the last few years and they’ve gone to a lot more places to see us,” said Jens von Holzhausen, senior vice president of sales for Mercedes-Benz Cars North America.

“They’re willing to pay more for that luxury.

They’re willing in the long term to be more comfortable in the sport.”

SUVs will also be the mainstay of Mercedes-AMG’s lineup for at least the next few years, with the company announcing a new version of the luxury car in 2018 that will be powered by the new Mercedes-amg GT, which is based on the AMG platform and will feature more advanced aerodynamics and powertrain upgrades.

The 2018 AMG GT is expected for a 2018 release.

The new AMG model will have more fuel economy than the previous model, but the car will still be priced similar to the outgoing AMG.

For the quarter, Mercedes sold an average of 2,965,000 SUVs.

Sales for the sports car segment are also up 7% year over year to 541,000 units.

That’s a big jump from the previous quarter, which was up just 2% year to 1.8 million SUVs sold.

For now, it remains to be seen if the sport sedan category will remain strong as it has been for years, but it’s certainly a strong area of sales.

It has long been a strong business for the German automaker, as it continues to expand into new markets, and it has continued to deliver great performance and value.