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Nike unveils Nike Air Max 350, 350 Boost, and 350 Air

Nike today unveiled the Nike AirMax 350 Boost (black/white) and Nike AirMAX 350 Boost Boost (blue/red), two of its new sports bras.

The Boost will debut at the 2017 NBA All-Star Game in New Orleans, while the Boost 350 Boost will go on sale on April 19, the company said.

The Nike AirMatic Boost 350 (black) and AirMatics Boost 350 Max (black), both models released this year, are powered by the Nike DynamicBoost® technology, which utilizes a dynamic spring force and compression for more breathable comfort.

The AirMax Boost 350 and Boost 350 max, which are available exclusively at select Nike retail stores and Nike.com, feature Nike’s signature “S” design, a nod to the Nike logo that is the most recognizable part of the AirMax brand.

Nike will debut the AirMNT 350 Boost Max at the NBA All Star Game on March 16.

The Nike Airmax 350 Boost is available now and is available for preorder starting April 19.

The AirMax 400 (blue), Nike’s first sport bra, is the new flagship sports bra from the brand.

This model features a more feminine, contemporary silhouette, and Nike is continuing to build on its tradition of offering sports bras with a “flattering” fit and a soft, flexible support system.

It’s available now at select retailers.