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The Worst Movie of the Summer 2016

The Worst movie of the summer is a new thing, and it is not even a new movie.

This year, the Oscars have decided to celebrate movies that they don’t have any choice but to nominate in a special category that will only be available to the best films.

They have been doing this for years, and every year, there are a few movies that come out of nowhere and become the best movies of the year.

There are two movies that came out in 2015 that deserve this honor.

One was the great movie from the year before, “Gravity,” and the other was “The Greatest Showman.”

The Best Picture Oscar nominees have always been in a class of their own, and there’s only so many ways to judge them.

The Oscars don’t give a shit about the movie that you watched the most, but it does have to be the best movie of all time.

The Worst Movies of the Year: The Oscars 2016 Best Picture Nominees are: “Grizzly” (Director: Paul Thomas Anderson, Screenwriters: Paul Feig, David Fincher, Michael Moore) “American Hustle” (Directors: Ryan Coogler, Andrew Stanton, Joe Carnahan) “The Revenant” (Writer: Martin McDonagh, Screenwriter: Leonardo DiCaprio) “Cars” (Composer: James Wan) “Captain Phillips” (Screenwriter: Michael Haneke) “La La Land” (Featuring: Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, Emma Watson) “Spotlight” (Co-writers: Andy Nelson, Mark Boal, Mark Zukerberg) “Tangerine” (Singer: Katy Perry) “World War Z” (Lead Actress: Zuri Davis) “Zero Dark Thirty” (Original Screenplay: Kathryn Bigelow) “Fences” (Writers: Noah Baumbach, Amy Berg, Andrew Garfield) “A Beautiful Mind” (Starring: Amy Adams, Javier Bardem) “Moonlight”