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What to know about the latest rumors and reports about the Wii Sports Resort

By Amy Lien article A number of articles have surfaced suggesting that Nintendo is planning to launch a new sports title sometime in 2018.

The Wii Sports title, as well as several other Nintendo properties are rumored to be on the table, with a release planned for the summer.

The rumors seem to be related to the NX console, which is rumored to launch sometime in 2019, and is the focus of a number of rumors in recent months.

A new Nintendo Wii U console is also rumored to arrive in 2020, and there have been a number similar rumors over the years.

Nintendo has yet to officially confirm or deny any of these reports, but Nintendo has also been rumored to release a new Wii console in 2020.

We’ve seen some similar rumors surrounding the NX, and it’s been speculated that it would include a new game console as well.

It’s possible that Nintendo’s new sports game platform will feature a new version of the Wii, as we’ve seen with the Wii U, as the NX is reportedly designed for Nintendo 3DS games.

Nintendo would also likely be making a Wii U version of Splatoon 2 if it was to release in 2020 (although that title has yet yet to be announced).

One of the most recent rumors about the NX comes from a user on NeoGAF.

He says that Nintendo plans to launch the NX at some point in 2020 and that a new Nintendo game console is on the way.

He goes on to state that the NX will likely feature the same hardware as the Wii in terms of resolution and storage.

The user then claims that the new Nintendo NX will also be “finally” based on the Wii.

There are a number rumors surrounding Nintendo’s next console, but none of these are necessarily 100% accurate.

The last rumor regarding the NX came in November 2016, when an anonymous source claimed that Nintendo was preparing to unveil the NX sometime in 2020 with a launch in 2017.

We’ll have more information on the NX as it becomes available, so stay tuned to this page for updates on this topic.