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When the Seahawks beat the Ravens, they didn’t do it by themselves

The Seahawks didn’t need to win to win in the AFC Championship Game, but they did need to get there.

And while they didn.

In a blowout that featured a Seattle quarterback that looked more like Peyton Manning than Russell Wilson, Seattle won 38-23 over the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday, setting up the NFL’s first Super Bowl title in 35 years.

Here are the biggest takeaways from the Seahawks’ 35-3 victory over the Ravens:1.

Russell Wilson was the best QB in the world2.

Russell was a different type of player this time around.

He’s a dynamic player who was able to put the ball in the hands of receivers who he can throw to.

He had a lot of time to throw to open receivers and also make throws to running backs and tight ends.3.

Seattle had more talent than it had in the past.

The Seahawks ranked second in the league in rushing defense, third in passing defense and fifth in scoring defense.

And they had a quarterback who was the MVP.

Wilson was even better in the playoffs.

He was a clear-cut MVP candidate with the help of his arm and arm strength.4.

Russell still hasn’t figured out the best way to handle pressure.

He struggled to beat linebackers when the Seahawks were running with the ball and wasn’t consistent enough in making plays when pressure was on.5.

Marshawn Lynch is still a force.

Seattle’s best running back this season is returning from a torn ACL and he led the NFL in rushing yards.

He ran for over 200 yards and scored a touchdown, which is great news for a team that has struggled to stop the run.6.

Russell has the NFL leader in sacks with 11.

But that doesn’t mean he’s been a complete shutdown player.

His run-stopping ability has been questioned as the Seahawks have been a little bit too pass-happy.

The reason for this is because Russell’s play-making ability is so much more than just a run-blocker.7.

It’s easy to talk about how great the Seahawks defense was.

But if Seattle can stop the pass, they’re going to be the best team in the NFL this year.

Wilson’s arm is still great and he’s a great tackler.

But he has to stop being so pass-first.8.

This was the second straight playoff win for the Seahawks, and the first Super 12 title in the last five years.

They’re one of the few teams in the Super Bowl era to win it twice and also be the first to make the playoffs for the first time in five years after losing the last two.9.

Wilson didn’t take his eyes off the field.

He got into the head coach and coach.

He even made an appearance on the bench for the second half.10.

Seattle has a good chance to win the Super 12 championship this season.

The defense was very good in the regular season.

But the offense and running game have been even better.

And Wilson’s ability to make plays on the perimeter has been key.