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AL’s sports bike: $3,900

Detroit Free Press columnist Mike Jurecki wrote a column for the Free Press earlier this week that called for the creation of a sports bike for the American Dream, and one that could compete with Tesla Motors’ Model 3, which retails for $35,000.

The bike, Jureckes column read, “is the future of transportation.

It will be the transportation of the 21st century.”

The story gained traction after a Facebook post by a Detroit-area Tesla Motors dealer in late April, in which he showed off the new sports bike, sparked a conversation among the automotive industry’s biggest fans, and prompted an inquiry from Jurecke.

A Facebook group for the automotive enthusiasts club Automotive News asked the group’s members to tell him what they thought of the new electric sports bike.

A few hours later, AutomotiveNews editor-in-chief, Alex Wernicke, wrote a post on the Detroit Free Times’ website.

Wernick wrote that, at the time of the post, there were no sales figures for the bike, which would make it the “most expensive electric sportsbike in the world.”

In an email to Automotivenews, Wernicky said that Automotive.com, the website for Automotive news, had not previously seen a story about the new bike and was unaware of any reports of it selling out quickly.

In an earlier statement, AutomobileNews Editor-in and CEO Kevin Sullivan wrote that Automobile News had received “many requests for information” on the new sportbike.

Automobile news editor Dan Stansbury said in an email that he was not aware of the existence of a previous story on the bike and that Automobilesports.com had not seen an earlier story about it.

Wirtz’s company, Wirtzer Sports, has been building electric bikes in Michigan since 2013, according to the company’s website.

The company sells a small, four-seat electric bike with a range of about 1,400 miles, but the new model has a range that’s 1,700 miles.

The electric sports bikes that Wirtzers are building are not made in Michigan, Wurtz told Automotive magazine.

“It’s really just in Detroit,” Wurtzes CEO, Dave Bier, told Automobile magazine.

Bier added that Automobilysports.net had received a request from Wirtzes team for information on the car and was looking into it.

Automotive Magazine’s Brian Haney said the story’s success was a “great validation” for the company.

“As someone who is a longtime fan of Wirtze’s and his work, this is an excellent opportunity for Automobilesport to get to know the brand and see where we can work together in a more collaborative fashion,” Haney wrote.

Automobilespeed has also received a lot of attention for its electric sports cars, which the company calls the “next generation” of electric sports vehicles.

The car, which has been dubbed the Tesla Model 3 by the company, has a base price of $35-40,000 and a starting price of more than $80,000, according a company press release.

Automobilz has also built an electric sports car, the Tesla Bolt, which it calls the Model 3.

The Bolt has a starting cost of $30,000 but can go up to $40,00 depending on the model and configuration.

Automattic’s Matt Fornek, a former member of the company board of directors, said in a blog post last year that Automatticsports.org would continue to “work closely with Automobilespace” to “improve the Tesla experience for everyone,” including customers.

Forneks company website, Automatticity.org, said the company had received some inquiries from the automaker and would “continue to provide updates and information.”

Fornekas company also received some interest from Automobile Magazine about the Model X, the new sedan that has been named the Tesla Roadster.

Automotica’s founder, Robert Bosch, also has been working on a sports car.

The two companies have been developing the electric sports vehicle in partnership.

Bosch told Automobilist.com last year the Model S would be “the next generation of the roadster” but it had not been named yet.

Automobike, a new company that will build electric sports-bike models, has also been developing electric sports models.

Automocar’s founder and CEO, Mark McVicar, told Motor Trend in a March interview that the company was developing “a new type of electric vehicle.”

In the interview, McVics company was also developing a sports vehicle called the S4, which is based on a concept concept from the company that was previously used for an electric bike.

Automomotor’s former CEO, Paul Ruhle, told The Wall Street Journal in December that the new automaker