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Fox Sports Go is a better way to watch live NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL games now

Fox Sports’ new live sports app is going live to all of its US and Canadian customers today, bringing with it an upgrade to the service.

The app is already available for iPhone and Android devices, but the upgrade is rolling out to all iOS devices.

The change comes at a time when Fox Sports GO has been getting hammered by the NFL for its live sports programming.

Earlier this year, the league sued the company for its “unfair” ratings practices and demanded that it pay $1.3 billion to the NFL.

Fox, meanwhile, has been criticized for not updating its app to make it easier for users to watch games on its platform.

The Fox Sports app for iPhone is still a good place to watch football games on Apple TV and Apple TV Pro, but it’s going to be much easier to watch the live game experience on the go.

The live streaming service has been working on a new app that will allow users to control their streams and control the app’s speed to suit their needs.

Fox Sports is also working on its own streaming app that is supposed to arrive in the coming months.