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How to buy new shoes for the new year

Kia Sport is now selling some new shoes that are inspired by the upcoming basketball season.

The company says it has developed the first-ever sports shoe for the 2018-2019 NBA season that will be available at a limited time on Kia dealerships starting March 1.

Kia Sport says it will be offering the shoes at an introductory price of $200 for men and $150 for women.

It says the shoes are made with a lightweight, water-resistant and durable mesh upper.

They are also water resistant for use in hot weather and are made from a proprietary mesh that makes them water- and wind-resistant.

The shoes will be priced at $100 for men, $85 for women, with delivery included.

The shoes are designed to help athletes who want a sporty and comfortable shoe that is a good fit for them and for their body type, said Josh Kipman, Kia’s senior vice president of marketing and brand strategy.

The shoe’s design is based on the way the basketball is played, with the sole being made from mesh.

They’re made with lightweight material that’s also lightweight.

The Nike Air Max range of shoes are a staple in Kia fans’ closet and in Kipmans team-inspired basketball jerseys.

The new Kia shoes, however, have a different feel and feel of style to the Air Max.

They feature a mesh upper that is made of Kevlar (the same material as the NBA’s new LeBron James shoe), a waterproof mesh outsole that has been developed specifically for basketball, and mesh undersole that is designed to keep the foot dry.

The mesh upper is made with high-performance mesh that’s made of the same material used in the NBA and Kia.

Kipman said the Kia sports shoes will not have any performance-enhancing ingredients and will not be sold in the U.S. and Canada.