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How to tell the difference between an NHL team’s fans and its fanatics

How do you tell the two types of fans?

If you’ve ever wondered how much you like hockey, you can use the Hockey Fans Index, a nifty tool that shows how your favourite team’s fan base compares to the rest of the NHL.

The index shows that the most passionate fans on the team are more likely to support the team in the big games and the best teams are those that have the most loyal fans.

Hockey fans are also more likely than non-hockey fans to support a player or coach on the ice, and they are more inclined to buy a jersey or stick than those who don’t support the teams.

To find out how these factors can affect your team, The Lad published the Hockey Fanatics Index and looked at how it compared with other major sports.

Hockey Fans: The Index is designed to help you pick your team and the most likely fans.

It includes a fan scorecard that ranks your team based on fan loyalty, and a fan ratings tool to show how fans rate your team’s players, coaches and players on the road.

Here’s what the index shows: You know that fans love you and support you more than you would like to admit.

This is a very common trait.

The more loyal you are to your team you’re likely to have more fans who are also loyal.

This means that a team with a passionate fan base will have more support for the team’s success than one with less fans.

There are also fans who don’ t support the hockey team and have little or no loyalty to the team.

This can lead to teams that don’t win and teams that have no fans.

Fans who are fans of a team and are loyal to that team are often the most successful teams.

They have more loyalty to their team than to any other team in their league.

A team with an average fan base may have fans who support the player, coach and players, but they have very little loyalty to any one of the players, the coaches and the players.

They may have high levels of loyalty to a particular player, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re loyal to the player.

Fans are also likely to be fans of all the players on their team, which may be why a team that doesn t win a lot can still win a ton of games.

If a team is a fan of one of its players, it will have a lot of fans who love the player but have little loyalty.

The same is true of a coach.

A coach with a great fan base, such as a superstar like Sidney Crosby, may have some loyal fans but not a lot.

Fans with little loyalty may not have a coach, which can lead a team to lose games.

There is one other way fans can have loyalty to your favourite hockey team: they may support the players and coaches on the way to or from the rink.

They are less likely to care about winning and more likely only care about the games on the other side of the rink or at the rink itself.

This type of support can be especially valuable for teams that are playing on the power play, where players like Sidney, Joe Thornton and Evgeni Malkin can carry the puck with ease.

A fan can also be a loyal supporter of a particular team in an effort to help the team win, as opposed to simply supporting it because they love hockey.

If you don’t know where you stand on the NHL, you should read our guide to determining if you’re a hockey fan or not.

If hockey fans are more loyal to your franchise, you’re more likely the team to win, so if you are, this is a good indicator that you should choose to be a hockey fanatic.

You’re more loyal if you follow a team you love and you don t care if the team loses.

If fans are loyal, you are more willing to spend money on a jersey, stick or a puck that you love, and you are less willing to throw money at players who aren’t as loyal.

You can also choose to buy an expensive jersey or a stick to support your favourite player.

These two types also differ from fans, and if you do choose to go that route, you may want to ask yourself if you will get a better deal or not depending on the situation.

Hockey fanatics are also very loyal to their favourite players, so it can be easy to see how a team might be more successful without fan support.

Fans have high loyalty to players, and when a team loses a game they may be more willing than a fan to buy another ticket.

You may also be more likely as a fan if your team wins a lot or loses a lot, and your favourite players are your best players.

These are two ways that you can make a difference in your team.

If we have missed a team or player you think should be on the list, let us know in the comments section.