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How to use Squash to improve your reading performance

Squash is a great way to boost your reading speed.

The book is free and has an easy to use interface.

But what if you want to do a bit more?

You can create an app with the help of Squash and have it work as a full-blown eBook reader.

This article will show you how.


Download and install Squash 2.

Add an image 3.

Select a book You can also create an audio book.

This is the most basic way to read a book.

Add the file to the Amazon Music Library.

If you don’t have Amazon Music, you can also download a free app called ReadNow.

Once you have it installed, you’ll need to create a Squash account.

Go to Settings > Apps and select Squash.

Select your book and then add the file.

When you are done, Squash will create an image and an eBook.

This will be the Squash eBook.


Install an eBook reader with Squash To start with, open Squash’s app and choose File > Add to Library.

This gives you the option to add an image.

Now click on Squash book to open the Squashed eBook app.

To make this an audio eBook, click on the Play button on the bottom left.

This takes you to the Audio section of the book and lets you add an audio track.

In the bottom right corner of the page, you should see an Audio button.

Click on it to listen to the audio.

This audio file is what you want.

When Squash finishes creating the eBook, go back to the top of the screen.

There you will see a “Reading List” option.

This lets you skip ahead to the next section of your book.

The audio will continue to play until you hit the “End” button.

This allows you to save the reading.


Download the eBook You can download the eBook from the Amazon Appstore.

You will need to download the audio file.

To do this, go to the Downloads tab on Squashed.

This tells Squash how many times you need to restart the app before the file will download.

Once it downloads, double click the file you want and the eBook will open.

You can skip ahead through each section of each section.

This means you will not have to wait for the eBook to download every time you read.


Read the eBook If you have Squash installed, the eBook can be read with the app.

Go into the Settings menu.

Select Reading > Read Now.

You’ll be given the option of downloading the eBook.

Select the file from the downloads tab and click on Browse.

Squash now downloads the eBook and starts reading.

You may notice the text changes.

This happens because the Squashing app runs on a different process than the eBook app itself.

This process takes time.

If this happens, simply uncheck the checkbox in the Read Now menu.

The eBook is now ready to be read.


Start the eBook with Squashed If you’ve already downloaded the eBook file, you will now need to start the eBook on the Squalled page.

If the eBook is a file, the app will start downloading the file immediately.

To start the file, go into the Squared menu.

From here, you need the book’s title, author, date and author name.

You need to click the “Start Reading” button at the bottom of the menu.

You now have an eBook ready to read.