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How to watch all the games this weekend

This weekend, all 24 games in the MLB season will be televised on ESPN.

All games that will not be on ESPN in the US will be available to watch online through MLB.com.

This includes the home opener, the AL wild card game, and the NLDS and NLDS Champion Game.

Here is a list of what to watch this weekend.

Game 1 of the ALDS is Saturday at 8:00pm ET on ESPN2.

Game 2 is Sunday at 7:00am ET on MLB.TV.

Game 3 is Tuesday at 4:00 pm ET on Fox Sports 1.

Game 4 is Wednesday at 7 pm ET at Fox Sports Go.

Game 5 is Friday at 9 pm ET ESPN2, Fox Sports 2, and Fox Sports Deportes.

Game 6 is Saturday and Sunday at 6:00 and 10:00 am ET on FOX Sports 1, Fox Soccer Plus, Fox Deporte, Fox UniMas, Fox Top Ten, Fox World, and FOX Sports GO.

Game 7 is Sunday and Monday at 6 pm ET, 8:30 am ET, and 10 pm ET.

Game 8 is Tuesday and Wednesday at 6 am ET and 7 am ET.

Game 9 is Thursday at 10 am ET at 7pm ET, Fox Sport 1, FOX Soccer Plus.

Game 10 is Friday and Saturday at 10 pm and 11 am ETFox Sports 1 is on Saturday at 9:30am ET, FOX Sports Deports, FOX Sport 1 Plus, and FS1.

Game 11 is Sunday afternoon at 10:30pm ET.