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Which NFL team is most dangerous to its own players?

More than half of the NFL’s 32 teams have players on paid leave, according to a study by the Sports Business Journal. 

A look at the league’s injury data also shows the Patriots have the most severe of the bunch, with three players on unpaid leave.

The Jets, Texans and Colts all have more than two players on leave.

The Raiders have three players, while the Saints have two.

The Cowboys have one player.

The study found that each of the teams has at least one player on leave who has suffered an injury.

That means the Patriots, Texans, Broncos and Raiders are all among the teams with the most players on the disabled list.

The NFL has not provided an explanation for why the Patriots and Texans players have been on leave, but it has been suggested that the team is being investigated for workplace violence.

The Patriots have denied the allegations.

The team is under scrutiny for alleged workplace violence involving players from multiple teams.

A year ago, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell suspended former Patriots running back Ray Rice for the second time.

Goodell said he believes Rice was guilty of battery and he will appeal.