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Aww, what a day! Swimsuits to look forward to in the new year!

Sport Illustrated (USA) article Swimwear in January is pretty much a dead letter, so it’s not surprising that the magazine is doing what it does best to take the plunge into swimwear and try to figure out what it’s really like.

We’ve been talking about swimwear for a while, so we figured we’d do a round-up of the best new swimwear in the next few months.1.

New Balance Nautilus 5 (2015) We have a feeling that this will be a swimwear staple for some time to come. 

This has a great blend of high performance with a casual feel. 

The rubber sole and soft fabric makes this one of the most comfortable shoes you can buy.2.

Swell (2016) A new high-end brand from Swell, the Swell Nautiluses were made to be worn with high heels.

The Nautils are now available in two different colors.

The white is in a limited edition colorway, and the blue is in limited edition, but still quite popular.3.

Nike Vapor Fly (2015-16) With a low price point and a focus on innovation, Nike has been making a splash in the market for years. 

With the launch of the Vapor Fly, Nike made the leap from a low-profile, low-cost sneaker to a premium luxury pair.

The Nike Vaporfly is a great pair of shoes for any woman looking for a more tailored, streamlined look.4.

Supreme Sporty (2016-17) The Supreme Sport is a pair of leather, suede and mesh sneakers that have been updated to sporty materials. 

Supreme Sporty has been one of my favorite shoes to wear in the past year. 

I’ve worn the shoes a couple of times now and have been impressed with the construction, detailing and fit. 


Nike Air Max (2017) The Air Max is a high-top sneaker that has some of the coolest materials around.

Nike has really gone to the effort to keep the Air Max a high quality, comfortable sneaker. 


Nike Xtreme (2018) This is one of those pairs that has been around for a very long time, but has only recently seen a high demand.

Nike had released the Xtremes in 2016, but only recently did it launch the X-S, a premium pair that features suede leather, mesh and mesh suede. 


Supreme Vibram FiveFingers (2017-2018) The Vibrams are still one of Nike’s most popular shoes. 

While they are not the most affordable of the premium sneakers, the Vibros are a good pair of high-performance shoes.9.

Nike Zoom (2018-2019) Nike has taken a step back in the evolution of their shoe offerings with the Zoom. 

These high-quality shoes were originally made for elite athletes in the NBA.

They are still a popular pair for the casual female athlete.10.

Adidas Zoom Zoom 2 (2017-) The Zoom is the second iteration of the Zoom, which was released in the summer of 2017. 

Now the Zoom is a more affordable pair of sneakers for the everyday female athlete who wants a pair that will be comfortable and will give her a good fit.11.

Nike Reebok Zoom (2017+) Nike is releasing a new pair of Zoom shoes in the spring of 2019. 

If you’re a Nike athlete, you’re probably already wearing the Reeboks now, but if you’re not, these are the next-best thing. 


Nike Runkeeper (2018-) Nike is releasing the Nike Runkeepers to compete in the 2019 NBA All-Star Game. 

We know that Nike has done a great job with the shoes, but the Runkeeper will definitely be a shoe to keep in your wardrobe.13.

Nike Vibes (2017)- The Vibers are another high-level Nike shoe.

The Vibe is a premium sneaker with a suede upper. 


Adidas Vib (2017)– The Adidas Vibe has been a staple in our sneaker collection for years now.

The Adidas Viber has seen a bit of a resurgence in the last few years.

The Viber is a low profile sneaker in which the sole is suede with mesh inserts. 


Nike Boost (2017)—The Nike Boost is a sneaker based on Nike’s famous Boost formula.

The Boost is another high performance shoe that is available in different colors and has a lower price tag than the Nike Viber. 


Nike Freebird (2017).

The Nike Freebirds are another great pair for everyday female athletes looking for something a bit more casual. 


Nike Nautilius (2017, 2019) The Nike Nauts are a pair made from suede, mesh, and suede rubber