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How to watch Formula 1 LIVE at the Race of Champions – in pictures

The Formula 1 world is coming to Australia, and we’re here to help you out.

Here’s everything you need to know about watching Formula 1 at the race of champions.1.

Watch at home1.1 What you need and where to watch1.2 Where to watch at home2.1 Formula 1 highlights and the big questions2.2 Who is the fastest driver in the world?3.1 Who is on the fastest car?3,2 The top 10 fastest drivers in Formula 13.3 How much will it cost?4.1 Which driver will win?4,3 The top five drivers in the sport5.1 When is the Formula 1 season starting?5.2 What are the race cars?6.1 How will the cars behave in the race?7.1 Will the drivers and cars be close together?8.1 Can drivers have accidents?8,2 What will be the cars doing?9.1 Why is the race starting on Friday?9,3 What will the race drivers wear?10.1 Is the race in Melbourne on Friday, or in Bahrain?11.1 Are there other races to watch?12.1 Do I need a TV to watch the race on TV?12,2 Will the car be in gear?13.1 Where can I see the race car?14.1 Does Formula 1 offer a live stream?15.1 Watch live from home14,2 How do I tune into Formula 1 live?16.1 The best places to watch from home17.1 Check out our live stream guide