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Watch: Aussie cricket fans get into the spirit of cricket

Here are some of the most popular sporting moments from Australia this year, but do you have a favourite?

It’s time for a special episode of Australian cricket fans.

Here’s what we’ve got in store for you this weekend.

The Four O’Clock Test The Four O, the iconic Test between England and Australia, has been in the news this year for a number of reasons.

First, the series is currently in its fifth Test.

Second, it will be played in Brisbane this Saturday, which has become the unofficial Test match of Australia.

Third, it’s the first time in Australia’s history that the home team will play in a city outside of Melbourne, and this is a significant development for the franchise, given the long-standing rivalry between Melbourne and Sydney.

Fourth, it was the first Test of the series to be played at an Australian venue.

Finally, it means Australia will be playing at home, with a capacity of around 7,000 for the first test.

What’s in store?

The Ashes are set to kick off at 11:30pm AEST on Saturday night, with the first match at the MCG.

You can watch the match live on ABC.

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This weekend will be the first chance to see the Australian national team in the Ashes, but the home side will have their hands full in the final Test, as they take on New Zealand at the Gabba.

Australia’s Test schedule is a big part of the Australian psyche, so the first of two matches against the Kiwis will be an important one for the fans.

The first Test is a three-Test series, with Australia facing New Zealand in Adelaide on July 13.

On July 12, New Zealand will be heading to Adelaide, while Australia face New Zealand again on July 15.

Australia play their second Test in Melbourne on July 17.

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