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When Audi takes over Tesla, there’s going to be an explosion of sports car models at launch

The world is coming to a head.

That’s according to the people who run Audi’s sports car division.

In the wake of the Model 3 launch, Audi announced it was planning to make its own sports car by the end of 2021.

This would be a big step in Audi’s push to create a more premium, premium brand of luxury sports car.

For Audi, a brand that prides itself on luxury and comfort, it’s a welcome step.

Audi’s sport division is a key piece of the Audi brand, but with its current financial state, it is also struggling.

Audi’s flagship, the A3, was a huge success for Audi.

It was the first car to use the new “X6” platform, which has become the gold standard for high-end sports cars.

But after the Model S launch in 2018, Audi’s sales slumped to about 200,000 units a year, and its profit per vehicle fell from nearly $40,000 to less than $2,000.

With the Model III coming later this year, Audi expects to be able to bring back its brand with a premium sports car that will compete with the likes of the Porsche 911 Turbo and the Mercedes-Benz GLA.

It’s a big leap for Audi, and a welcome one, given how Audi has been struggling in the luxury market.

This isn’t the first time that Audi has come under fire from the media.

Audi is known for being a bit of a bully, especially in sports car circles, and this is certainly one of those times.

The Model 3 will likely be Audi’s most expensive car yet.

Audis recent financial woes have been blamed on poor sales and an overly ambitious price for the Model X, which was also released at the same time.

Audi has promised to cut the price of its sports cars by 40 percent or more by 2020, but this time around, it has actually gone way further than the automaker originally planned.

The Audi Sport & Touring division is already in the process of slashing its expenses, and Audi has already cut production costs by 20 percent.

The result is that Audi is expected to have to slash production by at least 50 percent in order to meet the target.

The Model 3 was an important step in the Audi’s quest to become a premium brand, and it seems like it will be a success for the brand.

However, it also means that Audi’s current model lineup will likely become obsolete within a few years.

This is not good for Audi’s brand, especially with the Model Y, which is coming later in 2021, on the horizon.

If you are a sports car enthusiast and want to get into the Audi Sport lineup, this could be a great time to get in.