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When the NFL’s blackout ends: How the NFL could be a ‘game of survival’

It’s a rare thing for sports to go dark in the summer.

But if the NFL has its way, that could change next season.

That’s because, as the league moves into its final year of its blackout rules, the NFL is considering a plan to extend its blackout to its home games.

In other words, this could be the NFL turning its lights on again.

The NFL has long been a proponent of this, because it makes it easier for fans to stay connected to the game.

If the league can go dark on Sundays and Monday nights, then the fans can still watch all the action on the network.

And, in this case, that’s an important factor.

In the summer, as fans look for ways to get their hands on new TV, the league is already taking steps to allow its TV network to resume play.

That means the blackout rules for the season ahead would be relaxed.

And because the league has been a staunch proponent of the move, it’s unlikely to be opposed.

The league already has a “sports-only” television schedule, and it’s one of the key reasons why people are willing to pay extra to watch the games.

For example, ESPN will play its NFL Sunday Night Football game on a Monday night instead of Monday nights.

And ESPN has shown that it can handle the extra exposure and viewership, with some games averaging 2.8 million viewers and a few drawing over 4 million.

The biggest problem for the league right now is that its fans have a hard time finding a game on the television network.

It’s not just that there aren’t many sports on ESPN, but the networks own games don’t have the same appeal as the NFL.

ESPN’s Friday Night Lights game drew just 1.7 million viewers, for example.

Even if the game had been shown on Sunday Night Sports, it would’ve averaged less than 3 million viewers.

This summer has been the season for the NFL to try to solve the problem, and a change could happen any time next year.

That could happen as early as next season, but only if the league decides to extend the blackout to Sunday nights.

If the NFL decides to do so, it could allow all NFL games to be played on a Sunday night, starting with the Packers-Ravens game on Sunday, July 25.

That game would have been the first to end the blackout this season.

The other potential change would be the league allowing all teams to play on Sunday night games.

That would have come after the Falcons-Lions game, which would have ended the blackout.

And if the Falcons and Lions are in the playoffs, the same thing could happen.

If that all works out, the blackout would end on July 31, which is the same date that the NFL games would have to end.

This would give the league more time to implement its new plan for televising games, which could help fans get back to work in the morning and avoid being stuck in traffic for several hours.

The decision is expected to come in the next few weeks, with the NFL saying that it expects the rules change to be finalized by the end of the season.