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Which NFL games will make it into the Netflix version of Sports Replay?

The NFL is looking to be the first NFL game to get its own version of the Netflix streaming service, as ESPN announced on Monday that it will release a sports-related version of its sports-focused app, Sports Replay, this summer.

The app, which debuted last week, will allow users to watch and record live games on their phones and tablets, allowing them to quickly jump into the action with a quick flick of a remote.

While the app is expected to be limited to a limited amount of games, Netflix will likely allow users a much larger number of games to stream.

The service will also have the ability to provide a wider range of live sports programming for people to watch in a single spot, meaning fans will be able to watch the entirety of the NFL’s regular season and playoffs.

Netflix will also likely have the same rights to stream all NFL games in the future, which could be a big boon to the league.

Sports fans are likely to be excited to see how Netflix handles its exclusive sports content, given that ESPN is currently the only sports network that offers live video streaming to its users.

The NFL has been working on its own streaming app since late 2015, when it began working with ESPN to launch the first-ever live sports app.

That app has since grown into a successful subscription-based subscription service, which currently allows its users to stream more than a billion hours of live video per month.

Netflix is also expected to bring its own video to the streaming service this summer, with the company reportedly exploring the possibility of offering its own live-streamed sports content as well.

The company also reportedly is considering offering streaming rights for other sports, including the Olympics, and the NFL is also reportedly working on bringing live-game replay to its service in the near future.