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Which sports clubs have the best live streaming?

Football clubs and leagues have been left reeling after a major sporting event was delayed by a virus scare.

Live football streams from many top-level European and Asian clubs were cancelled due to a virus outbreak, with the World Cup postponed for a second day to Thursday.

The postponement of the World Rugby Sevens final between France and the United States was the latest setback for Europe’s top footballers.

Italian teams were forced to withdraw their men’s and women’s rugby team from the World Cups final in New Zealand, and were forced out of the men’s soccer finals in Brazil as well.

French team Lille are the only European club still in action this summer.

They face Japan on Thursday, and the men face Australia on Friday.

But there was also a big sporting surprise on the horizon, with two French players and two Spanish players taking to the pitch for the World Series of Poker.

In a statement, the organisers of the event, the WSOP, said the players and organisers were unable to travel to the event due to the virus scare and they would be unavailable for the match.

“Due to the risk of contracting the virus, the game will not be played and will not take place,” the statement read.

It said the World Poker Tour would continue with a full schedule for the tournament, including the final on Thursday.

It said there would be no further postponements.

The World Series has been held every year since 2000, and has attracted the biggest crowds in the history of the sport.

The tournament has been scheduled to take place on the same date as the World Championships, but organisers have announced a delay.

An event spokesman told the AFP news agency that the WSOT is not looking to alter the schedule, but said the tournament was not on schedule at this stage.

Last year’s event was held in Sydney, with Australia hosting in the second leg of the tournament.