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Why ‘Pitch Perfect’ Is A Sports Story That Moves Beyond the Lines

It’s a tough road to get here for “Pitch,” the latest season of “Parks and Recreation” in which Amy Poehler and Chris Pratt star as two roommates who get caught in a rut of drugs and sex while working in New York City’s underground music scene.

For all the drama, the show is a joy to watch and a rare example of a show that has both genuine humor and deep emotional depth.

While the plot has the usual tropes of a sitcom — an overabundance of sex, jealousy, and jealousy — the episodes often have genuine moments of vulnerability and humor.

It’s also an unlikely comedy about two people who are simultaneously trying to figure out who they are and how to make a life together.

There’s a lot of the comedy of “The Office,” which has a big, bright heart and a lot more heart and humor than the new show “Pitching Perfect,” but “Pitched” is the rare show that does both.

It is a show about a relationship.

It does both, and that’s a rare thing in comedy.