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Why you should watch this game in D.C. on NFL Network live stream

NFL Network, the network owned by FOX Sports, is set to stream live NFL games on Friday night as part of a deal that will allow fans in the District to watch games online in their own homes.

The stream will be available on NFL.com and NFL.tv.

As part of the agreement, which will run through Sept. 4, NFL.TV subscribers will be able to watch NFL games through the NFL Network.

For those who don’t live in the Washington, D..

C., area, the streaming will also include the home and away games from the NFL’s Week 14 games against the Carolina Panthers, Philadelphia Eagles, and Washington Redskins.

The streaming will start at 7 p.m.

ET on NFL Sunday Ticket and will go all the way through the end of the NFL season on Sept. 10, 2021.

If you’re not in the D.T. area, you can watch the stream in your own home by connecting your Xbox One or PS4 to your PC using the following instructions:1.

Click the Xbox button on your Xbox console.2.

On the left side of the Xbox screen, click “Settings.”3.

Select “View as Windows Media Player”4.

Click “Play Now.”

The stream will then begin and will be broadcast on FOX Sports Channel, Fox Sports 2, FOX Sports Go, FOX Soccer Plus, FOX Deportes, FOX Radio, FOX Extra, FOX News Channel, FOXSports.com, and FOX Sports app.

The NFL will also offer streaming of the Washington Redskins’ season opener against the Philadelphia Eagles in Washington, and the first three games of the Cleveland Browns’ season finale against the Jacksonville Jaguars in Cleveland.

NFL.org/D.C.-Live will be the live stream.

Here are the live streams:1:00 p., ET; NBC, NBC Sports Network, FOX, FOX U.S., FOX Deporter, FOX Sport 1, FOX GO, FOX 5, FOX Plus, Fox Deporte, FOX Local, FOX 9, FOX 13, FOX 12, FOX 11, FOX 8, FOX 7, FOX 6, FOX 4, FOX 3, FOX 2, Fox 1, Fox Insider, FOX 1, FS1, FoxSports.tv, Fox 5 HD, FOX HD, Fox 4 HD, FS2, Fox Soccer Plus HD, NFL Network Live, FOX Insider, Fox Extra HD, and Fox Sports app will be in your home, but not on your TV.2:30 p.

ET; CBS, FOX International, Fox, FOX US, FOX UK, FOX Latin America, FOX Networks International, FOX Business, FOX World, FOX Top 25, FOX Nation, FOX All Access, FOX Network, Fox College Sports, FOX Kids, FOX College Football, FOX GameDay, FOX Baseball, FOX Tennis, FOX Ultimate, FOX Golf, FOX UFC, FOX Classic, FOX Women, FOX Premier Sports, CBS Sports Network (CBS Sports Network), NFL Network (NFL Network), CBS Sports GO, CBSSports.go, and CBSSportsApp will be on your home.3:30 pm ET; ESPN, ESPN2, FOX Global, FOX SPORTS 1, FX, FOX Mexico, FOX Mundo Deportivo, FOX Universo, FOX Telemundo, FOX ESPN, FOX NFL Live, FX Soccer Plus (Fox Sports 1), FOX Sports GO (FOX Sports 1) and FOX Deports can be seen on ESPN’s mobile apps.4:00 pm ET: FOX Sports 1, NFL GamePass, NFL Premium, NFL On Demand, FOX Mobile, FOX NOW, FOX Search, FOX TSN and FOX DEPORTES will be live.5:00pm ET: ESPNU, ESPNU+ and ESPNU Sports Extra will be online.