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FOX Sports North: Fox Sports North unveils 2018-19 slate with 10 new shows

FOX Sports is unveiling its 2018-2019 schedule today, revealing ten new sports titles and a new studio show, The Sports World.

The 10 shows announced include The World of Womens Tennis, The World’s Most Famous Sports Football Teams, The Most-Watched Sports TV Networks, The 10 Most-Trusted Sports Websites, The Top Ten Sports TV Shows of 2018, and the first-ever Fox Sports Digital Network.

Here are a few highlights:Sports World is an all-new series that will premiere in 2018-2020.

Featuring sports news and interviews with some of the game’s biggest names, the show will feature interviews with a rotating cast of the sport’s brightest personalities.

This year’s host, former MLB star Adam Silver, will join the cast, alongside current MLB and NFL player Jason Heyward, and former NFL quarterback Alex Smith.

The Sports World will be hosted by host Jason Heywards and host Adam Silver.

It will also be the first broadcast of a Fox Sports series to air in 2018, following the launch of the Sports World Network in 2017.

FOX Sports World is slated to air at 10 p.m.

ET on Sundays on FOX Sports 1.

The series will air on FOXSports1 in the U.S. and FOXSportsGo in Canada, and will be available on FOXsports.com for those who subscribe to FOX Sports GO.FOX Sports will host a slate of 10 new series, which will premiere on April 6.

The 10 series will include 10 new sports and/or entertainment shows.