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How Honda is building a sportbike business that could be worth billions

A Honda Sportbike was unveiled in Melbourne’s CBD last night.

The new bike will feature a carbon fiber frame, aluminium frame, carbon fibre forks and aluminium seatpost.

The Sportbike will be available in two versions, a $30,000 and a $40,000 model.

The bike has been developed by the Japanese company Honda Sport Bike.

It is the second Honda bike to hit Australia and comes after the $20,000 Honda Sport Bikes which hit Melbourne’s Docklands in February.

It is being built on the site of the former Alberton Factory where Honda Motorcars and Suzuki Motorcycles made their mark.

The company says it will make about 50 bikes per year.

Honda’s new bike, unveiled at the Melbourne CBD, is designed to compete in the fast-growing motorcycle industry.

According to the company, the bike will be a “world-class” sportbike.

“The bike is designed and built for sport riding, and it will deliver the highest levels of performance and durability in the world,” Honda said in a statement.

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