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How to use a tampon or pads for health purposes

A few things to remember when buying a tampons or pads.


Don’t throw away your unused tampons.

The only way to get rid of tampons is to dispose of them by disposing of them properly.

Read the instructions on the container you use to dispose and take care to not toss any in the garbage.2.

Don ‘t use a sanitary napkin for tampons, because sanitary pads contain tampons and a small amount of water.

A sanitary pad will absorb the water and tampon-like substance in a tampoon.3.

Do not wash a tampĆ³n in the toilet or sink.

The tampon’s contents could enter your body.4.

Wash your hands after touching a tampunas body or when cleaning your hands.5.

Do use a hand sanitizer before touching a body of tampon.

The sanitizers will kill any bacteria present on the tampon and make the body of the tampoon safe for your hands to use.6.

Avoid touching a vagina with a tampono and do not rub or use a vibrator or other sexual contact on the vagina.

If you rub the vulva, you may make the vulvas skin, vaginal mucus, or vagina more sensitive.7.

Always wash your hands thoroughly after touching tampons in the vagina or vagina area.

It is very important that you wash your fingers thoroughly before touching the vagina with your hands or fingers.8.

If the tampons are used to treat a urinary tract infection, do not use them on a baby.

Read instructions on how to treat UTIs.9.

The most common reason to discard a tampont is because of a medical condition.

Some tamponts are made with a latex-like material.

Some manufacturers use silicone-like materials, or use synthetic materials.

Some brands of tampont can be harmful to your health.10.

Always keep a copy of the instructions you received with your purchase.

The instructions will help you understand the risks of using a tamponi or tampon, how to safely dispose of your unused product, and what you can do to protect yourself from health risks.

If you have any questions about tampons:If you want to learn more about how to use tampons for health reasons, visit tamponhub.com