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What is a true sports fan?

The BBC has put together a list of the top ten sports fans, based on how often they attend, how they choose to watch and how much they spend on tickets.

There were more than 2.5 million fans who said they attend a sporting event, according to the research.

The research was based on data from the BBC Sport website and Twitter accounts.

The BBC said the research showed sports fans were a diverse group and “largely independent of what the broadcasters are selling”.

The BBC’s sports fans have a “strong sense of self-worth” and feel “loyal to their teams”, the broadcaster said.

But it warned the popularity of the sport “does not reflect the value of the fans who attend”.

There was a big difference between the number of sports fans and the number who said sports was a “significant” part of their daily lives, the research found.

Sports fans spend more than $4,000 on tickets to a single game, the BBC found.

But the biggest difference was on how they watched the games.

More than 1.5 per cent of people who attended a sporting match said they watched it on TV, according the research, while nearly 1 in 3 people said they were watching it online.

That compares to 1 in 6 people who said the same about watching a cricket match.

Football fans were more likely to be fans of a sport than any other.

About 30 per cent said they attended a football match, while just over 4 per cent were fans of rugby union.

There was no difference between fans of basketball and soccer.

There is a strong correlation between the type of sport fans attend and how likely they are to be a fan of the broadcasters.

The research also found fans of all four major sports are the biggest group of fans.

The study found football fans are more likely than basketball fans to say they follow the teams on social media, and basketball fans are also more likely on Twitter than rugby union fans.

There are also notable differences between people who watch sports on television and people who don’t.

Football, cricket, rugby union and soccer fans are most likely to follow the sport on social, whereas rugby union is more likely with TV.

However, the survey found fans were “more likely to watch sports at home”, with 6 per cent saying they watched at least one game each week.

The most common reason for being a sports fan was the passion for the sport, followed by the enjoyment of it and the value the fans provide.

The survey found football, rugby, cricket and rugby union are among the most popular sports in the world.

The ABC’s The Sunday Telegraph asked fans what they were most excited about about this year.

A fan from North Sydney in NSW said it was “a good year for Australian rugby”.

The fan said he was looking forward to seeing the national team at the World Cup.

The fan also said he wanted to see the national anthem sung in a new way, as opposed to the traditional way it was played.

There will be a new team at a World Cup in 2018.

“I hope it is one of the new Australian teams,” he said.