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How to play GT Sport on your Xbox One

For many gamers, the GT Sport title on the Xbox One’s Kinect has been one of the most beloved racing games.

But now, with the launch of the PlayStation 4, it looks like the Xbox and PlayStation’s first game together is getting a much-deserved boost.

Xbox One owners will now be able to play the PlayStation’s next-gen racing title, Gran Turismo Sport, on their console.

The news was announced at Microsoft’s press conference today, but we’ve already heard some news about the console’s new racer.

The game is coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 this fall, though Microsoft isn’t revealing a release date.

But you’ll be able download the game to your Xbox Live account on September 25, when Microsoft’s Games for Windows Live service launches, giving Xbox One owners access to all the tracks, cars, and cars that have been previously available on the PlayStation.

The news comes as Microsoft continues to push the Xbox Live service into new areas, such as allowing people to create their own games and giving them access to games on Steam and Origin, Microsoft’s online gaming platform.

It’s worth noting that Microsoft isn and has always been interested in bringing Xbox Live games to PC and the PlayStation, but Microsoft has struggled to bring its own games to the platform, which is why it announced that the PlayStation will get exclusive access to the Xbox platform.