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What happens when you mix a sports car with a sports monitor?

When I first saw this on the site, I was a little shocked.

I had never heard of such a thing, but it looked like a neat, clean looking device that looked like it would be fun to put on a sports helmet and wear on a motorcycle.

After a couple of days of trying to get hold of the manufacturers I had contacted, I realised that they all looked the same, and they all had the same basic look and feel.

So I went to buy one, and soon after I bought my first, I had a few hours to spare before my commute to work was disrupted.

I’m a bit of a gadget geek, so when I saw the HDTVs on sale I thought, “How cool is that?”

So I tried them out, and after a few days I was hooked.

I’ve been a fan of HDTV’s since they first came out in 2007, and I can honestly say that I love watching TV with a sport monitor.

They can be used to take notes, check your blood sugar levels, or simply watch sports games.

As for the sports screen, it’s not as easy to put one on as a normal HDTV, but if you’ve got a sport helmet on and can use the headband to put the screen on, you’re set.

The screen is covered in a light layer, and it has a built-in battery, which lasts up to three days of uninterrupted use.

I didn’t have a sports phone with me so I couldn’t get the battery life of the HD TV, but I did have the screen set up in a small, round box on my desk so that it would still charge after the commute.

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get another sports TV to replace this one, but that’s okay, because it’s a really neat product and I’ll use it to watch my favourite sport.

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